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Air Cups Front & Rear Suspension Complete Kit

Air Cups Front & Rear setup Complete Kit
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Diameter coilover shaft front:
Diameter coilover shaft Rear:

Product Description:

Air Cup Suspension Set up is design as an add on to your existing Coilover Setup to enable you to lift your vehicle up by 50mm.

This is extremely useful for low stance vehicles when going over high curbs and speed bumps.

This product is ideal for wide Stance Body Kits such as "Rocket Bunny Style / Liberty Walk" Aero Kits.

The air cup is mounted on the top of the spring and replaces the top hat which is originally mounted on the spring. When you put pressure on the air cups the car will raise 50mm. Air cup suspension is a perfect system to drive your (extremely) lowered car across obstacles without any risk of ground contact.

The air cup lift system does not affect the ride quality and performance of your coilovers.


This kit includes everything you need to install the air cup lift system:
• 2 air cups
• 6 meters 8mm airline (main airline through the car to the T-splitter)
• 4 meters 6mm airline (from the t-splitter to the air cups)
• t-splitter (1x 8mm in, 2x 6mm out)
• 12v 3-way valve + switch and 5 meters electricity wire
• Complete VIAIR compressor kit
• Connecting material

2 year warranty on the air cups.
1 year warranty on the compressor setup, covered by the manufacturer: VIAIR.


Customer Notice:

Coilover requirements

The air cups will fit any brand coilovers, as long as they meet the requirements. Make sure the dimensions shown on the images match your coilover, we strongly recommend to measure with a caliper. If your coilovers have other dimensions, please Contact us.

• The outside diameter of the spring must be less than 89mm (max. of 95mm on request).
• The inside diameter of the spring must be more than 61 mm.
• Available for 5 different coilover shaft diameters: 12,5mm, 14mm, 15mm, 20mm and 22mm. Custom diameters on request.


 Air cups are only suitable for Straight springs coilovers suspension Only.

The air cup lift system will only fit coilovers with straight springs as shown in the right figure. The system will not fit on coilovers with ”barrel” springs as shown in the Picture below.
If you have ”barrel” springs, there is an option to fit straight springs.



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